Ground Stabilisation Traction System

Molasses Tanks

All Gough Molasses Tanks have a 1 year warranty.

Gough Tanks made for molasses are thicker walled to accommodate the higher stresses put on the structure due to molasses being of a higher density than water.
The following sizes are available:
Model Shape Capacity Diameter Length Width Inlet Height Wall Height Overflow Height° Overall Height
GT 10000L circle 10,000 Litres
(2,199 Gallons)
2.59m 2.20m 1.92m 2.10m 2.28m
GT 7500L circle 7,500 Litres
(1,981 Gallons)
2.25m 2.16m 1.88m 2.05m 2.2m
GT 5500L circle 5,500 Litres
(1,200 Gallons)
2.44m 1.33m 1.21m 1.25m 1.36m
GT 5000L Tall circle 5,000 Litres
(1,122 Gallons)
1.75m 2.30m 2.14m 2.20m 2.35m
GT 5000L Short circle 5,000 Litres
(1,100 Gallons)
2.05m 1.77m 1.60m 1.68m 1.82m
GT 3000L circle 3,000 Litres
(660 Gallons)
1.60m 1.80m 1.63m 1.71m 1.85m
GT 2500L circle 2,500 Litres
(550 Gallons)
1.60m 1.42m 1.28m 1.23m 1.52m
GT 2000L Tall circle 2,000 Litres
(460 Gallons)
1.06m 2.57m 2.32m 2.48m 2.57m
GT 1500L circle 1,500 Litres
(396 Gallons)
1.28m 1.35m 1.13m 1.35m
GT 1350L circle 1,350 Litres
(295 Gallons)
1.60m 0.75m 1.62m 1.52m 1.52m 1.62m
GT 1000L circle 1,000 Litres
(219 Gallons)
0.90m 1.43m 1.18m 1.34m 1.85m
GT 600L circle 600 Litres
(125 Gallons)
0.82m 1.26m 1.15m 1.10m 1.26m
GT 375L ellipse 375 Litres
(80 Gallons)
1.19m 0.60m 0.79m 0.77m 0.72m 0.79m

° Measured to bottom of overflow