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FeedSmart Troughs

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Ideal for water, drylick, molasses and grain.

FeedSmart troughs are made from either Virgin material or RGB/Off Spec. Virgin material is food-grade polyethylene that has never been processed and is more expensive than RGB/Off Spec.

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Product Capacity Dimensions Ezy-Licker
Feedsmart 50 FeedSmart 50 50 Litres
(11 Gallons)
Diameter: 640mm
Height: 365mm
Feedsmart 170 FeedSmart 170 170 Litres
Diameter: 725mm
Height: 585mm
Feedsmart 190 FeedSmart 190 190 Litres
(50 Gallons)
Width: 1,272mm
Height: 330mm
Feedsmart 195 FeedSmart 195 195 Litres
(42 Gallons)
Diameter: 1,100mm
Height: 280mm
Feedsmart 380 FeedSmart 380 380 Litres
(83 Gallons)
Diameter: 1,250mm
Height: 400mm
Feedsmart 450 FeedSmart 450 450 Litres
(99 Gallons)
Diameter: 1,250mm
Height: 540mm
Feedsmart 600 FeedSmart 600 600 Litres
(130 Gallons)
Diameter: 1,285mm
Height: 600mm
Feedsmart 600 FeedSmart 750 750 Litres
(198 Gallons)
Diameter: 1,570mm
Height: 570mm
Feedsmart 2100 FeedSmart 2300 2,300 Litres
(500 Gallons)
Diameter: 2,300mm
Height: 590mm
Feedsmart 350 FeedSmart 350 350 Litres
(77 Gallons)
Length: 2,160mm
Width: 700mm
Height: 340mm
Feedsmart 480 FeedSmart 480 480 Litres
(105 Gallons)
Length: 2,180mm
Height: 392mm

Protect your feed with a new
FeedSmart Trough Cover

  • When the rain finally comes, cover your feed with a Trough Cover.
  • Suitable for FeedSmart sizes 380L,
    450L and 600L.
  • Available in black, yellow, blue, grey or other colours by request (other colours must be ordered in multiples of two).

Diameter: 1320mm
Height: 150mm

FeedSmart Trough Cover