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Round MegaTrough

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Heavy-duty 1,000L Stock Water Trough
Built like a brick outhouse - only a lot easier to shift
and easier to clean!

Please view our informative video

Round MegaTrough Video

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Round MegaTrough Information Sheet

Easy to Install   Easy to Move

Easy to Install

  • One person job to install or relocate
  • Bugger it, throw a few in the back and save some trips

Easy to Move

  • Drive into town and bring one home in your own ute
  • You don't need a tractor or crane or need to be under 50
Recessed Fittings   Water Ballast System

Recessed Fittings

  • Keep all the fittings tucked away from potential damage
  • As you know, all these fittings aren't cheap to replace
  • 2" brass inlet socket and 2 1/2" brass drain and bung

Water Ballast System

  • Water ballast makes the trough heavy once in place
  • Cattle can't move the trough as if it were concrete
Easy to Keep Clean   Connection Kit

Easy to Keep Clean

  • Sloping floor to large sunken drain

Registered Design No. 201214377

Gough Plastics Ballast System Video Please view our informative video on how the
ballast system works in our MegaTroughs