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Materials Handling

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EcoDose 400 Dosing Station

EcoDose 400
  • Keeps rainwater and wildlife away from
    chemical storage
  • Contains any accidental spillage and allows for easy spillage pumping

Parts Bin

  • Two-way forkliftable
  • Fit side-by-side in container
  • Stackable with or without lid
  • Lockable lid option
  • Weatherproof
  • Optional logos, i.e. 'Your logo here'
  • Grey/blue standard, other colours by request
  • Holds approximately 400L
  • Box weight = 25kg
  • False floor optional

Length: 1,100mm
Width: 1,100mm
Height: 510mm

Parts Bin Flyer

Forkliftable Cubes

  • Hinged, fixed or removable lid options
  • Weather proof
  • Various colours
  • Lockable
  • Access hatch

Length: 1,150mm
Width: 1,054mm
Height: 1,215mm
Volume: 1,000L

Ideal for storage of many items, these cubes are easily handled by forklift and are very durable. They can be used for bulk waste bins, waste oil bins, transport containers and bulk storage bins.

Your company or council logo can be permanently moulded into the cube or lid, never to peel or fade! Currently used in city councils, waste oil recovery companies, farms and private households.


1,300 Litre Hopper

  • Ideal for storage and decanting of high Specific Gravity Liquids
  • Multiple inlets and outlets are available
  • Chemical dispensers
  • Custom-built stands

Length: 1,220mm
Width: 1,160mm
Height: 735mm


Drums and Bunds

2 x 205 Litre Drums and a 330 Litre Bund

1. 205 Litre Drum

  • Easily mounted in frames, on tractors or for use around the factory, plant or property
  • Optional hinged lid
  • Multiple size outlets available

Diameter: 560mm
Height: 900mm

2. 330 Litre Bund

  • Easily forkliftable with moulded lifting sections
  • Prevent liquid spills in your workspace and comply with Workplace Health and Safety laws with the 2 x 205L Drum Bund.
  • Galvanised mild steel step-tread supports the drums
  • Adaptable for hazardous substances

Length: 1,675mm
Width: 760mm
Height: 440mm
Volume: Approx. 330L

1,800 Litre Bund

  • Ideal for safe storage in both permanent and temporary installations
  • Suitable for Bulk Bins, 200L drums and tanks

External Dimensions:*
Length: 2,100mm
Width: 1,800mm
Height: 600mm

Base Internal Dimensions:*
Length: 1,900mm
Width: 1,600mm

* These measurements are approximates only and may vary due to the rotomoulding process.

1800L Bund

PanelTim Bund

  • We can custom fabricate bunds to meet your specifications

1800L Bund

Waste Oil and Lube Pods

  • 300L and 600L tanks

300L Tank
600L Tank

1800L Bund

Gough Plastics Pallet

  • Four-way forkliftable
  • Can be customised with your company logo or colour variation
  • Easy to wash and/or disinfect; good for hygiene requirements
  • Great for cold rooms
  • Doesn't rot or splinter
  • Durable and weather-resistant
  • Great for export

Length: 1,165mm
Width: 1,165mm
Height: 175mm
Weight: 25kg

Gough Plastics Pallet

IBC/Pallet Cover

Cover your pallet or IBC with our new cover

Length: 1,240mm
Width: 1,240mm
Height: 200mm

IBC/Pallet Cover